TalentNED launches new talent team for offroad cycling

23 January 2020

As of January 1, 2020, TalentNED has started an offroad cycling team consisting of some of the greatest Dutch talents. A mix of newbies, juniors and promises, of men and women. Driven by ambition, strong teammates and a unique TalentNED staff. With an eye for development in the sports field, but certainly also for study and social environment. Everything in the spirit of development. At TalentNED, getting better is more important than being good.

TalentNED trains all-round cyclists by bringing them together in one place, offering them fulltime coaching and train them in multiple cycling disciplines. As a result, on a daily basis we together get a grip on the development of the athletes and we build a relationship with them, based on which we better understand behaviour and intentions and we develop strong, rebellious and skilled top athletes who in the future  can compete with the absolute top. Note: it is a rocky road to the top, full of obstacles and setbacks. Our cyclists will have to deal with that.

The team is managed on a daily basis by Bas de Bever (manager/coach) and Olaf Noorbergen (trainer/coach). Bas brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a former cyclist (downhill and mountain bike) and coach (15 years national BMX coach). Olaf is an ambitious trainer, a fanatic mountain biker himself and also a graduated “human movement scientist”. In addition, TalentNED’s staff will be expanded with various specialists, such as a physical trainer, a nutritionist and a mechanic.

As for now the team consists of six mountainbikers, being Hannah van Boven (20), Niek Hoornsman (18), Milan Ziemerink (18), Paul Snip (18), Annemoon van Dienst (16) and Chris van Dijk (16). The ambition is to expand this team in the coming months with additional cyclists.

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