What drives Infestos

Infestos is a sustainable investment firm focused on entrepreneurial and hands-on investment of family capital

Focus on Dutch companies with unique market positions

Infestos takes majority stakes in Dutch, mainly industrial, companies with unique market positions or technologies. In particular, we focus on companies that require a strategic reorientation, business units that are no longer core business of a larger group, companies with financial difficulties and family businesses with succession challenges.

Our team is closely involved with a hands-on approach

Infestos distinguishes itself with its team-oriented and action-driven approach that goes beyond providing financial resources. We support our investments and their management teams on a daily basis with for example, strategy discussions, organisational issues, operational improvement programmes, purchase programmes and legal affairs. Our extensive and broad experience means we work quickly and effectively.

We value joint entrepreneurship

We expect entrepreneurship from our companies┬┤ management teams and have our own team available for support. We invest in new growth opportunities and generally offer managers the possibility to co-invest. Also, under certain circumstances, former shareholders can have the possibility to continue their involvement through a minority interest.

Our investment horizon is flexible

Given the nature of its capital, Infestos has the flexibility to match its investment horizon to the needs of a company. This means the investment period is not fixed and we can always pursue our goal of providing the business with a sustainable future.