Dutch-based Alfen is operating internationally in the heart of the energy transition, as a specialist in energy solutions for the future. With its 80-years’ history, Alfen has a unique combination of activities. Alfen designs, develops and produces smart grids, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging equipment and combines these in integrated solutions to address the electricity challenges of its clients. In the period between 2015 and 2017 Alfen grew its revenues with 21% on average with a positive net profit. Alfen has market leading positions in the Netherlands and experiences fast international growth benefiting from its first mover advantage.

Investment date

December 2014

Partial exit March 2018

IPO Euronext Amsterdam


Approx. 250


Infestos involvement

  • Supported in strategy development, business planning and roadmaps for amongst others EV charging stations, grid automation solutions and energy storage systems
  • Refreshed corporate identity and website
  • Expanded production facilities and renovated Alfen head offices
  • Supported strengthening of the organisation to facilitate anticipated growth


8o years power grid experience


market leading positions in the Netherlands


installed base of EV chargers

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