Infestos: sustainable investment approach for monumental real estate and enterprises

25 November 2016

Translated from original Dutch article in Jubileummagazine ’t Lansink

Tuindorphotel and Restaurant ‘t Lansink is property of the investment company Infestos based in Twente. Infestos has a sustainable investment approach to both monumental real estate and equity participations in Dutch companies.

At the end of 2009, Infestos acquired the property in which hotel ‘t Lansink is located. In the same year, Infestos bought the property on the other side of the street to expand the number of hotel rooms. This gave a new destination to a vacant monumental building in a characteristic location in the middle of the Tuindorp district. Infestos has taken care of the renovation of this property while retaining its characteristic monumental elements. This has resulted in an expansion of the hotel in close cooperation with current occupants, Lars van Galen and Richard van den Hoeven.

Monumental buildings

With a similar approach, Infestos has bought several monumental buildings, which it renovated and refurbished. Examples include the old music school in Enschede, which now houses the Luzac College, and Landgoed het Stokhorst, which serves as office for Infestos.


With a similar approach, Infestos also invests in companies. These companies always have a unique character based on their technology or market position, comparable to the unique monumental character of real estate investments. The focus is on companies that have entered into financial difficulties, are no longer core business of a larger group or family companies with succession challenges. Together with the management of these companies, Infestos invests hands-on in new growth opportunities to give businesses a sustainable future.

Infestos congratulates the owners of Tuindorphotel and Restaurant ‘t Lansink with their 100th anniversary and wishes them and the entire team a fantastic future.


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