NX Filtration

NX Filtration offers solutions for cleaning water and filtering beverages, based on innovative (nano) membrane technology and sustainable production methods.

Our world is increasingly confronted with challenges around water scarcity and water contamination. NX Filtration’s membrane technology is capable of selectively removing organics from polluted water, including micropollutants, color, antibiotics, bacteria and viruses. This has resulted in new and simple processes for the treatment of water, the reuse of waste water and the production of drinking water.

NX Filtration produces advanced hollow fiber membranes for use in Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration applications, enabling its partners to excel in sustainable membrane filtration applications.

Investment date

January 2016





Infestos involvement

  • Acquired and integrated relevant activities and patents, amongst others developed in cooperation the University of Twente
  • Set-up the team and attracted business partners
  • Developed strategy and commercial approach
  • Supported in the set-up of the production facilities including procurement
  • Legal support in contracting


years combined experience in membrane development


position in green chemistry


Revolutionary and disruptive innovations

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