NX Filtration

NX Filtration produces innovative membranes for ultra-filtration and nano-filtration based on unique recipes and sustainable production methods. NX Filtration’s major focus is to remove small particles causing contamination, such as hormone-and medicine residues, in the purification of drinking water. NX Filtration is a spin-off from the University of Twente and is located at the Business & Science Park in Enschede.

Investment date

January 2016


Approx. 20



Infestos involvement

  • Developed business case prior to establishing the company
  • Acquired and integrated relevant activities and patents, amongst others developed in cooperation the University of Twente
  • Set-up the team and attracted business partners
  • Developed strategy and commercial approach
  • Supported in the set-up of the production facility including procurement
  • Legal support in contracting

>100 years

combined experience in membrane development


position in green chemistry


expected annual market growth

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